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What It Takes To Be The Best

What is “best”? Philosophers have dwelt upon this question for millenniums. Clearly, there are two simple answers to this deep question. The first one is objective (difficult) and the second one is subjective (simple).

Gary Pollard

Online casino fun blogger

What then is best objectively? Well, I am. There, that wasn’t too difficult, now was it? (Just kidding by the way. I was just trying to make a pun on the average blogger …)

When it comes to online casinos, the question at hand of whichever is best quickly turns tricky.

As you all know from following my humble little casino blog online, there are certain things I look for when choosing an online casino. Whatever boxes those casinos tick do, per definition, qualify them to be the best. In my opinion, that is.

Obviously, we all want different things. The one thing we all have in common, however, is that we all want whatever is best. That’s where the tricky part begins. We all want the same thing, which, at the end of the day, rarely turns out to be the same thing. The best.

Of course, there are certain online casinos that are more popular than others. This doesn’t mean you can deem those casinos to be objectively the best ones. It may mean they are the statically best ones, but that’s probably as far as I’m willing to go here. Best in one of many perspectives.

If we look at whatever I consider to be the best online casinos there are three things I look for – three things those online casinos MUST have. And I write these as I take it that you want my personal opinion (or else why would you be here?).

The three things the best online casinos must have are:

1) Generous bonuses.

If I’m in the business of losing my hard earned money at a certain statistical rate, then at least I want it to last as long as possible. The best bonuses like welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, VIP programs and the alike all contribute to make my little online casino bankroll last longer and hence give me more joy. The best entertainment per dollar.

2) Fast and cheap withdrawals.

Getting your foot in with your money in hand is nearly always a smooth operation. The best online casinos have it all figured out, however. They let you leave as smoothly and effortlessly as you once came. Silently and without no drama. Depositing money is cheap and lightning fast. So why then shouldn’t withdrawing that very same money be? No online casino will ever qualify as the best if they haven’t figured this part out.

3) Beautiful design and layout.

We are all attracted to different aesthetics. Some like green, others blue. Some like tall, others short. This is the height of objectivity when it comes to whatever is best. Personally, I like bright yet deep and warm colors. This airbrushed flaky stuff doesn’t appeal to me. Equally so, the best online casinos in accordance to my personal preferences are the ones with an airy feel to the menu and layout. Where there isn’t too much going on (I’ve got enough on my plate in my work life as it is. I certainly don’t need more stimuli). However, I do appreciate that someone of a more vivid character, or someone who has a peaceful and quiet job (if you read this, can you please send me the contact details to your HR, for I will apply RIGHT NOW!), a more busy design might do the charm. And to those who didn’t know, there are big global online casino award events taking place every year. And, naturally, they have a specific category relating to design specifically. 


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